How WELL-ROUNDED Is Your Life?

When it comes to wellness, it’s not all Pilates and green smoothies. In order to be totally balanced and blissed out, it can feel like a juggling act to keep everything in place. Keep these six dimensions of wellness in mind—and if you feel one is slipping, give it a little extra love and attention.


A supportive community and healthy social life are key to living life to the fullest. Do you feel supported by your family and loved ones? Remember that family can be chosen; it doesn’t have to mean your biological family. Cutting out the people that make you feel poorly about yourself, uninspired, and unsupported, and instead surrounding yourself with loving friends that build you up is paramount to a healthy mind, heart, and body.

Ask yourself: Am I taking the time to get out and create memories, plans, and experiences with my peers and loved ones?


Being able to express yourself emotionally and feel vulnerable is an incredible strength—it’s truly a muscle. Do you feel as if you can’t speak your truth, or do you have tension in your body when you feel uneasy? Feelings of tightness in the hips, neck, shoulders, and throat can indicate some emotional blockages or feelings trapped in your body, holding your qi back from your elevated flow. Talk to a professional and/or find friends that can support you in expressing what’s on your heart and mind.

Ask yourself: Am I allowing myself to fully open up to someone close to me when feeling frustrated, sad, or alone?


Health is wealth, but sometimes a little cash flow helps. Be creative and confident about ways you can grow your bank account to achieve a level of comfort where your basic needs are met above all else. This doesn’t mean you need to strike it rich to be optimally healthy. But feeling financially insecure can cause major stress, not to mention make it hard to keep your fridge stocked with healthy produce that feeds your energy on multiple levels.

Ask yourself: Would creating a budget and sticking to it change my perception of my own personal wealth and help it grow?


Finding ways to grow spiritually is a lifelong journey. Enlightenment is not a level to unlock; it’s a constant practice as a human being on Planet Earth. Meditation, calming rituals, and simply doing things you love that don’t necessarily create an end product can be hugely beneficial for nurturing your spirit. This can be practicing yoga, reading, cooking for yourself, sketching, journaling, breathwork, and so much more.

Ask yourself: Am I allowing distractions to steal my attention away from relaxing, enriching, soul-nurturing experiences?


While our daily job that puts food on the table and pays the bills doesn’t have to be our lifelong purpose, it’s important to find intention in the things that we do. Volunteering, taking care of someone, and being a good friend are all great examples of purposeful work. When we feel that some of our physical and emotional labor is meeting the needs of someone else, we feel empowered and whole.

Ask yourself: Do my day-to-day activities make me feel satisfied and give me a sense of belonging?

Physical body

While this one is a given, loving our physical bodies makes all the other dimensions of wellness possible. Making sure to get enough sleep is where it starts. Those seven to nine hours are vital, so don’t skimp on them whenever possible. Eating high-vibration, living foods that nourish our cells and give us vital energy keeps us in flow. Moving our bodies regularly to strengthen and stretch our muscles, ligaments, and bones will ensure that we have the stamina to dive into every other dimension of wellness. Take care of others, but make sure to put your critical needs first.

Ask yourself: Am I regularly checking in with my physical self, and making sure to take care of any area that feels neglected?

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