Karina Chesmar is a Registered Nurse and has a wealth of Nursing experience, the foundation being a Haematology trained registered nurse at Royal Prince Alfred hospital and an experienced medical surgical nurse. Already committed to an active and healthy lifestyle of her own Karina has established rituals and habits within her life and has always searched for premium effective supplements to support her bodies needs.

"What we are doing here is really very special. You have a medical professional who has done the research, optimised the product and is offering it to you at only the cost of the product, essentially you are getting the consultation free. The products at Fox and Dew are premium products, used by people wanting results who are committed to their wellbeing."

"Metabolism is a pathway to every cell in our body, metabolic dysfunction travels with cellular and tissue dysfunction and disease. This can look like generalised fatigue, brain fog, moodiness, lack of endurance, obesity and acne, and progress on to cardiovascular disease, stroke and or cancer." 

These products are intentionally developed to help you live well and we want you to feel good. We hope our products help you achieve confidence.

Every effort is made by the team at Fox and Dew to keep researching the biological and metabolic needs of their customers in the hope we can help everyone achieve a greater health outcome and enhance your quality of life.