"Your belief-system is everything. What you think and believe, you become."

"Your belief-system is everything. What you think and believe, you become."

Your belief-system is what causes you to think and feel the way you do. Your belief-system will determine whether you're depressed, happy, sad, excited, or bored.

An individuals belief-system determines their courage, fears and behaviours.

You only need to examine your life to see your belief-system at work, as reflected in your level of success, your health, wellbeing and the quality of your relationships.

Your belief-system is your "auto-pilot" — the beliefs you hold and the "facts" you automatically take for granted. Your auto-pilot makes you do what you do, and is the root source of all the wonderful things in your life: the loves, the fun, the money and the pleasant surprises, as well as all the drama, conflict, frustration, stress and other negative situations.

Our belief system is essential within our approach to health, For around 30 years research has consistently shown that your beliefs are the primary determinant of health. This means you have an innate ability to be proactive towards the ability that can improve your physiology, biochemistry, brain functioning. Our belief-systems are central to how we approach food, diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, rest and play. Even the idea itself, that beliefs can improve one's health can be immensely reassuring.

Having a solid belief and conviction in health (not just wishful-thinking), will drive you to do those things that will lead to better health, changing your belief-system is first and foremost driven by your desire to change. That is the first step.

It's preferable to think in a way that brings you what you want, and is right for you. The first step in that process is to imagine what you want. Then there are a number of steps to take in bringing those desires into reality.

Your belief system is also relative to your baseline. This is your curve on the graph, you can count anything above the forecast as progress. 

When you recover from the impact of anything unforeseen, you are aiming to at least get back to baseline. Clearly if you have a toxic, unhealthy or even non existent belief system that will directly result in lack of reward and poor interaction on all levels. This will be exhausting for you and everyone that has to interact with you on those levels. You will continue to hit the wall, and there will be little support system prepared to travel the road with you.

Your vibe attracts your tribe really doesn't it.

Developing resilience and upholding your beliefs is a lifelong exercise, knowing, understanding and streamlining who you are and what is vital to that system is essential to your being. I could type all day on this subject.

We will be building form the hierarchy of needs and your belief system to the physical wellbeing next.

Take care out there


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