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Mushroom Supplements & Powder - Organic 7 Blend Mushroom extract


Are you looking to improve your energy levels and have a greater overall sense of wellbeing and vitality? 

By adding this Organic 7 Blend extract to your ritual you can be supporting your bodies natural immunity with all the benefits these adaptogens offer.

The benefits of each species and how it may support your body;

Reishi- Ease stress

Maitake- Reduce Cholesterol

Cordyceps- Energy Boost

Shiitake Extract- Supports Immunity

Lions Mane- Boost brain & Mood

Turkey tail- Supports Gut health

Chaga extract- Antioxidants 

Each 100g pack has 357mg of mushroom extract in each serve

We know if Mushroom blends are new to you, you might be worried about the taste! Well the good news is you can add this to your coffee and its delicious, others add this to their cereal or smoothie. 

A 30% beta Glucan polysaccharide from the fruiting body of the mushroom.

100% mushroom blend NO ADDITIVES

Take 1/2 - 1 Teaspoon per day in your Coffee, Smoothie or Cereal



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent product

Unfortunately it disagreed with me but I passed it on and the new user says its wonderful!

You won't regret it!!!

I have loved having this as part of my morning routine! It's so easy to just add to my coffee and not even notice any difference in the taste. This has helped with my energy levels, the way I deal with stress and my immune system feels stronger than ever! So happy to have found Fox and Dew products!!

Hera Edwards
Definitely try this!

I've been taking this for nearly two weeks now and the real life benefits came real fast! My training has improved, I feel less fatigued, no afternoon slumps so far!
Put this in your morning coffee or whatever with no yucky aftertaste.

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